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Indian Wedding Wardrobe: Choosing the Perfect Attire for Indian Weddings - Anvi Couture

Indian Wedding Wardrobe: Choosing the Perfect Attire for Indian Weddings

If you've been cordially invited to experience the rich ceremonies of a traditional Indian wedding or one with a modern hybrid of cultures, you might find yourself pondering the appropriate guest attire. Selecting an ensemble for an Indian nuptial event is indeed a significant choice, yet it need not be an overwhelming one. These weddings are a splendid tapestry of opulence, time-honored practices, and a celebration of love and unity. For guests, it's a unique opportunity to plunge into cultural festivities that can last for days.

Should there be any uncertainty about how to dress for such an occasion, rest assured, you're exactly where you need to be. Compiled here are sage advisories from seasoned experts in the wedding industry, along with an array of shoppable outfit ideas for each attendees. 

When choosing attire for an Indian wedding, color plays a crucial role. Elicit the right festive mood through colorful outfits that reflect the joyous spirit of the occasion. "Wearing vibrant colors is key to dressing appropriately for an Indian wedding. Regardless of the season or location, lively and cheerful colors are customary," comes the advice.

1. What is the best Color to wear to an Indian Wedding?

Bright and vivacious tones complement the high-spirited nature of such events, though it's important to note that certain colors may be culturally inappropriate. It's advisable that guests acquaint themselves with regional customs surrounding wedding attire to make an informed decision about their ensemble. In typical Bengali weddings, for example, women may consider wearing a Red, Pink, Purple color sarees, while men could choose between light-colored kurta pyajamas and the more traditional dhoti set. White, ivory, and classic gold sarees are elegantly suited for South Indian matrimonial ceremonies. Prospective attendees should also make an effort to understand Indian fashion vernacular—a crucial step before shopping. Women's fashion primarily features two popular garments - lehengas and sarees. Lehengas offer a modern two-piece combination consisting of a cropped top and a voluminous high-waisted skirt, while sarees are long drapes, often silk, designed to envelope the wearer gracefully.

For those less inclined towards traditional wear, standard cocktail dresses or formal Western attire remain acceptable alternatives for Indian weddings. Nonetheless, this presents a unique chance to immerse oneself in the cultural fabric; guests might want to seize the opportunity to wear traditional Indian garments when possible and comfortable.

Peacock Green Handwoven Gadwal Silk Saree

2. What is the dress code for Indian Wedding?

Traditional Indian weddings often span across three vibrant days. On the initial day, intimate kin unite at home to honor Ganesha Pooja, a sacred Hindu rite. The second day sparkles with the sangeet or Mehendi event— an effervescent evening where family and friends gather in celebration, marked by the artistic application of henna on the bride's hands and feet. The grandeur peaks on the third day with the wedding in the morning, capped off by an opulent reception by night.

When it comes to pre-wedding attire, steer towards garments that blend tradition with comfort to gracefully handle potential henna or turmeric stains. Choices abound from salwar suits to Lehengas and Sharara sets, or even chic Kaftan and pant combinations. The main wedding day sees a shift in dress code, distinct to each soiree, while post-wedding fashion calls for glamour. Women can dazzle in cape and skirt ensembles, pre-styled Sharara sarees, ornately crafted saree gowns, sleek fish-cut lehengas, or glistening sequined sarees.

The evolving trend of fusion celebrations allows couples to infuse personalized twists into age-old customs. Whether including a plethora of traditional rituals or selecting specific elements, Indian wedding invitees are advised to don formal wardrobe for each event they attend. Keep in mind, modesty remains key, particularly during religious ceremonies, and appropriate attire does vary based on the religious context.

Pre-wedding attire from salwar suits to Lehengas and Sharara sets

3. What is the best color to wear to an Indian Wedding?

We've explored a myriad of stunning attire choices for women attending Indian weddings. Consider adorning yourself in graceful sarees splashed with soothing pastel tones like pink, green, and purple—an exquisite selection for time-honored rituals. It’s customary to reserve red and pink for the bride during the main nuptials, so we suggest selecting alternative colors to distinguish yourself.

Whether you're drawn to the elegance of classic lehengas or the contemporary vibrancy of bright , we have identified the most fashionable options to ensure you captivate at any wedding festivity.

Classic Lehengas

4. How Can I look beautiful In Indian Wedding?

Undoubtedly, societal expectations will always influence how we dress, yet there's enduring value in choosing attire that's understated and complimentary to your unique sense of fashion. For weddings, if you're torn between contemporary and classic styles, opting for a timeless ensemble will ensure that your look remains beyond reproach, even as fads fade. You can infuse contemporary flair through your choice of accessories, hairstyle, or cosmetics. When picking out a saree, selecting one made from light, manageable fabric featuring a border of moderate to broad width will invariably accentuate your figure.

Peach Lehenga Set with Mirror Work Choli and Dupatta